How well are you protected in today’s world of emerging risks?

Would you and your family be protected if any of these unexpected events happened?

  • A faulty cell phone battery starts a fire that seriously damages your home. Are you covered for the expense of returning the home to its pre-fire condition? What about for living expenses in your area while the repairs are being done so your children can attend their school?
  • Your teenage daughter posted a selfie online and now fears she is being stalked. What do you do?
  • The bracelet you bought your wife 20 years ago for $5,000 is now worth $20,000. Does your insurance cover its replacement value?
  • You’re on the vacation of a lifetime in Nepal and suffer a compound leg fracture while hiking. How will you get home?

At the Andersen Group, we’re always looking for ways to do more for our clients. That means helping you understand the full picture of how you’re protected today. So you have the confidence that comes with having comprehensive protection that’s right for you. In today’s complex world, having the right coverage and protection is more important than ever.