Is Your Company Prepared for a Hurricane?

Hurricanes can cause devastating damage and account for a significant percentage of global catastrophe losses. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to make a plan and be prepared well before a storm hits. Here’s what you can do to help prepare your offices or business facilities before a hurricane—as well as key steps to take once the storm has passed.

Before Hurricane Season 

Make a plan:

  • Establish an Emergency Plan that includes how you’ll warn employees, suppliers, vendors, and clients; and steps for preventing damage during a hurricane, and recovering afterward.
  • Make sure to include your local community emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Designate an Emergency Coordinator and Action Team and set up an operating command center.
  • Communicate the Emergency Plan to employees—and practice, practice, practice.

Gather supplies and prepare building facilities:

  • Keep an emergency supply kit on-hand. It should include batteries, portable chargers for cell phones, flashlights, radios, and equipment such as drills and saws, as well as non-perishable food, first aid supplies, and plenty of drinking water.
  • Secure outside storage tanks, sheds, and structures.
  • Buy plastic or tarps to cover water-sensitive equipment and plywood or shutters to protect doors and windows.
  • Ensure back-up generators are in good working order and full of fresh fuel.
  • Make sure roofs and flashing are properly secured and clear rain gutters and downspouts. Check drain pumps.

And don’t forget to review your insurance policy to determine if you have adequate flood and wind coverage.